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The foundation of Umbra Commerce has been developed for more than 15 years for a number of different e-commerce retailers. We know how to do business online, and what tools you need.

The challenges online are massive and having a solid foundation in your platform is key.

We give you that support.

Our architecture allows for plugins to attach to the Umbra core, as well as powerful integrations with third party software or services. And if that is not enough, we have the skills and experience to come up with custom solutions.

Because your success, no matter how big or small, matters to us.

Let us know what we can do for you.

- Håkan Bruce, founder


To get a better understanding of what Umbra Commerce can do for your business, get in touch and we'll show you.

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Reach us at: info@umbracommerce.com

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“We’re here to help”



The global clothing care brand Steamery has grown its business from infancy to multi million business on Umbra Commerce.

“I really enjoy the fast and reliable support we’re getting from the Umbra Commerce team”

- Yuzi Lindsay Zhang, Digital Designer

Visit: steamerystockholm.com



The circular tech brand Transparent are perhaps mostly known for their amazing see-through speakers, i.e. the Transparent Speaker. Their ecommerce and online brand presence is powered by Umbra Commerce, helping them serve both traditional e-tail as well as rentals, product registration and after sales support.

“With Umbra and the Umbra Commerce team, we have been able to execute on our visions, on a limited time and budget.”

- Martin Willers, CEO

Visit: transpa.rent

Online services


At Umbra Commerce we're constantly measuring and tracking a lot of data points. To facilitate this we have built the data logging service Umlogger. Available for anyone to use.

It's a simple, powerful and cost effective service to help track, chart and analyze your data metrics.

The API is simple and intuitive, and you can get started for free!

Visit: umlogger.com